SXUK : UG Admission

Application for Sponsorship


Candidates who wish to apply under sponsored category are requested to follow the instructions mentioned herein. The procedure must be completed between 8th and 14th June for Post Graduate applicants and between 12th and 19th June for Under Graduate applicants.

  1. It is mandatory for the sponsored candidates to complete the online application procedure and appear for the admission test.
  2. The Sponsor / Sponsoring Body should fill in the sponsorship application form and submit the same to the office of the Registrar / city office with letter of consent stating that the Sponsor / Sponsoring body agrees to sponsor the candidate by paying all the fees (as mentioned under the 'sponsored category' fee structure) for the entire course as notified.
  3. If the Sponsor is an individual, a self-attested copy of a valid Government approved identity proof is to be submitted along with the letter of consent.
  4. If the candidate is listed under the sponsored category, the Sponsor or a competent authority of the Sponsoring Body will be required to be present along with the candidate at the time of admission.
  5. List of candidates under the sponsored category will be published on 30th June 2017.

Download Sponsorship Application Form:

Organization Sponsorship Form. Click here...
Individual Sponsorship Form. Click here...