SXUK : UG Admission

Courses to be offered from 2017-18
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com Honours)
  • Bachelor in Management Studies (B.M.S. Honours)

Session: 2017-18


For applying to B.Com. and B.M.S. at the University (New Town Campus), Maths/B.Maths/Stats is not compulsory in +2 level  for calculation of aggregate.
However for applying to B.Com. and B.M.S. at the College (Park Street Campus), Maths/B.Maths/Stats is compulsory in +2 level for calculation of aggregate.

No candidate shall be eligible for admission after a lapse of more than three years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination. The year of admission will not be taken into account while calculating 3 years from the year of passing the previous qualifying examination.

A student must have studied and passed in English in the +2 level. Admission of students failing in English or not having English as a paper will be cancelled (excluding the foreign students for whom there is a separate set of rules).

  • Aggregate is calculated with 4 subjects at plus 2 level including the compulsory subjects as indicated in the eligibility criteria for application and the subjects having the maximum marks from the rest of the subjects.
  • The following subjects must not be included in the calculation of aggregate:

  • Agriculture Entrepreneurship Fashion Designing Music
    Art / Fine Arts Environmental Education Fashion Studies Physical Education
    Dance Environmental Science Heritage Craft SUPW
    Electricity Environmental Studies Home Science Painting

  • Every applicant must fulfil the eligibility criteria as laid down for each course.
  • The student must have passed in all the papers as per the respective board/council pass marks.
  • The student must have obtained minimum 45% marks in each of the 4 subjects included in the aggregate calculation.
  • Marks in all subjects indicated in the plus 2 level mark sheet must be entered in the application form.
  • Students passing the GCE examination of the UK are eligible for admission only if they have passed with two 'A' Levels and three 'O' levels. Such candidates must have completed and passed the "A" level examination at the time of application. Candidates with projected mark sheets are not eligible.
  • Students from foreign countries need to produce their English Proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS) if the instruction of study in the qualifying examination is not in English medium at the time of admission.

The University reserves to right to reject the candidature and/or cancel the application / admission at any stage, if an applicant fails to fulfil the above conditions.