Organic Farming @ SXUK

As a reflection of the Xaverian spirit of 'creating men and women for others', St. Xavier's University, Kolkata, has taken a step into concretising the thought. It has, through its efforts, demonstrated to the stakeholders of the university the benefits of implementing organic farming practices for self-sustenance in a cost-effective manner. This novel initiative of the university commenced from July 2019 onwards.

Fr. Campus Minister and the team of committed gardeners have done wonders. They have grown a variety of green leafy vegetables, brinjals (eggplants), cabbages, cauliflowers, pumpkins, carrots, cucumber, snake gourd, ridge gourd, beans, peas etc. on 20 kathas (kotthas) of land on both sides of Gate 2 and also on a small patch of land beside the Girls' Hostel. The produce is such that it is not only used for consumption inside the university but also distributed among the sister institutions.

The university, in its commitment to providing a better quality of life to the society at large, has taken the pledge to develop a 'green zone' by planting more trees and plants, and attract larger numbers of birds. As a first step to realising this dream, the university has started the use of natural manure in the form of cow dung and dried leaves, and vermicomposting.

To prepare the manure, two pits have been dug. These pits are filled with cow dung bought locally at the rate of ₹ 50-60 per bag, and dried leaves. The water requirement for the cultivation process is sufficient. The overall costing per month includes the process of formation of manure and purchase of seeds and seedlings. The future plan is to separate the biodegradable elements from the waste food and use them as natural fertilisers after forming compost.