Xavier Law School



About the Department


Xavier Law School (XLS) constitutes the latest contribution of St. Xavier's University, Kolkata, towards legal education and research in India. A newly established school, the XLS is meant to bring about excellence in the realm of professional education in Law besides academic exposure in juridical studies as another applied domain of the social sciences discipline.

XLS has begun its journey with five-year integrated programmes on:
BA-LLB (Hons.) and B.Com-LLB (Hons.). With its time-tested legacy in higher education, highly qualified members of the faculty and state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, the XLS is set to emerge as a desired destination for quality legal education in times ahead.

Vision and Mission Statements



Rooted in and inspired by the Ignatian charism of forming men and women for others, Xavier Law School under St. Xavier' University, Kolkata, strives to promote a society based on love, freedom, liberty, justice, equality and fraternity by training the law students to focus on 'Satya' and 'Dharma'. While it is 'Dharma' to speak the truth, speaking the truth also leads to attainment of the ultimate 'Dharma' of peace and prosperity of the individual and society. Our vision is to impart and circulate the knowledge of law and to endorse the culture of research for the development and advancement of legal education..


To set international standards for legal education that are contemporary and relevant to the 21st century.
To provide all the law students of Xavier Law School, a unique and exceptional education that will be a transforming experience intellectually, culturally, socially and individually.
To bridge the spatial divide, taking the benefits of education to the poor and marginalised, aiming at their empowerment.
To promote academic exchange and academia-professional interface with the latest pedagogy and techniques.
To develop application-oriented courses, with mandatory views on values, to produce holistic development for individuals.
To contribute to the well-being of the nation without counting the cost; in the spirit of NIHIL ULTRA (Nothing Beyond), the motto of St. Xavier's.